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PMC - 7 day training course     EUROPE


Executive Close Protection Operations in High Risk Areas


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This Private Military Contractor - HECPO program has been designed to meet needs of those are working in the PSD Personal Security Detail field. It’s highly suggested to operatives already deployed in hostile environments who need the most complete and effective practical training solution in this environment.



Intensive training


Theoretical (25%) and practical training (75%)




Certificate 1:


PSD - HECPO Level 4

Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments



Certificate 2:

Tactical Firearms Competency - Level 4
Certificate valid for individuals employed as armed security personnel in both sectors the Close Protection and Maritime Anti-Piracy.



Certificate 3:

Close Protection Operations, Advanced Skills - Level 5

This certificate is issued only joining the 7 day practical HECPO Course



Price include:

training, food (3 meals a day), accommodation, transfer from-to airport, equipment and certificates (upon successful completion of the course)



Price not include:  flight tickets





PMC - HECPO Level 4 Course


Familiarize the Anti Terror Fighting concept
Self Defence
Advanced Close Protection
Advanced firearm skills (Pistol & Carbine)
Vehicle Convoy Protection
Embus / Debus, arrivals / departures

Advanced Immediate Counter Actions
Team Walking Formations
Vehicle Convoy Formations (1&2 Vehicles)
Threat Assessment
Route selection
Security Advance & Route Selection
Team & Vehicle Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Team Evacuation Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Close Quarter Combat (Hostile Environments)
Advanced Tactical Combat Shooting (Team movement & Immediate Actions Techniques)


High-risk foot formations
High-risk cars arrivals and departures
Low-light operations (driving with night-vision
Vip Evacuation Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Close Protection Driving (1,2 & 3 Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques)
Counter Terrorism Procedures


Tactical Response Method
Emergency Situations


Tactical Combat Shooting
Familiarizing the weapons
Operational weapons check 
Safety Instructions
The instinctive operational shooting method
Aiming and pointing
One and two hands shooting
Drawing and cocking
Breaking and shooting while walking/running 
Shooting in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying
Weapons jam: magazines replacement and handling malfunctions
Switching between pistol and rifle
Turns at 90, 180, U-shape, V-shape against multiple opponents
Shooting from behind cover
Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover
Shooting on the move between targets 360 degree
Distinction between enemy and civilians
Combined surprise combat exercises
Advanced methods – aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy


Urban Warfare
Single operator: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)
Single operator: work on doors, windows and clearing a room
Operating Teams: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)
Operating Teams: work on doors, windows and clearing a room
Working with a VIP


Being attacked wail getting out of the car in-to a building
Being attacked with VIP inside a building
Extracting the VIP from the line of fire. From a variety of emergency situations into a building, a car or other covers.
Techniques for evacuation of the VIP to closer or distant shelter


Convoy Training
Driving skills
Shooting from a car
Situations and responses in emergency situation on the convoy.
Evacuation from an attacked car.
Evacuation with a car
Attack on a 3 cars convoy



Operational Close Combat



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