Our Training Solutions

Israeli Doctrine


Our training solutions are different, special and unique. A wide range of tactical courses starting from the Tactical Firearms, Close Protection, PSD - HECPO Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments, HEAT Hostile Environments Awareness Training, V.C.Q.B, C.Q.B., C.Q.C. untill Customised Tactical Training for Counter Terrorism Special Units  and Quick Reaction Teams.


Courses are held at various times of the year in different parts of the World.


All courses are conducted by highly qualified and experienced instructors. Its experts internationally trained, who specialize in the field of VIP protection and Counter Terrorism are still active Close Protection operatives at all levels of risk.


Manrico Erriu is an Independent Contractor, Counter Terrorism Instructor providing customized Tactical Combat training to Governmental and private Elite Units, specialized in Anti-terror First Response tactical combat firearms, Executive Dignitary-Executive-VIP / Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments.

Our Combat System


The Israeli Advanced Tactical Response Method we teach is a radically different approach from any other combat shooting technique.

Success is based solely on actual performance.


This combat system has the distinct advantage of having proven effective time and again, more than any other system of its kind. The guiding principle of our method is to neutralize the threat quickly, in the simplest and most intuitive way possible. Aggressiveness, decisiveness, accuracy and speed are all integral elements of this method. A proper mindset is emphasized to carry out the method.


Stress is introduced throughout the training regimen in order to get the trainees accustomed to the pressure associated with actual events. This commonsense approach is specifically geared for deadly-force situations rather than shooting competition. Often techniques that bring X-ring accuracy on the range simply fail under stress.




Key Advantages of our Combat System


  • Enhances the body's muscle memory
  • Prepares the operator for combat in unexpected situations
  • Fast and effective Close Quarter Battle (CQB) techniques
  • Prepares the operator to work both independently and as a team
  • Elevates fighting spirit and determination
  • Elevates confidence of self and weapon
  • Innovative and unique training methods
  • Releases the operator from thinking about shooting techniques
  • Trains the operator not to depend on an instructor or supervisor
  • Mental aspects of this training are covered in depth, as well as how to best handle intense psychological stress.



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