Training Centers in: 

Israel, Spain, United Kingdom, South Africa, 

Dominican Republic, Peru, Poland, Bulgaria, 

Albania, Canada and Italy

Special Training Courses tailored on the Government needs  

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Anti-Kidnapping Course - especially designed for   

Anti-kidnapping Training course

Firearms Training Courses  

Tactical Firearms Competency Certificate - Pistol and Carbine

Maritime Security Training Courses  

MSO Maritime Security Officer




Aviation Security Training Courses  

Air Marshall

K-9 Dog Training  

Police K-9 Dog Handler Training Course (Narcotic/Explosive Detection/CT Attack)


K-9 Dog Handler Training Course

Combination of Training Courses  

WECPO Worldwide Executive Close Protection Operations - All levels of Risk - 8 qualifications 


Online Qualifications and Courses  

International Security and Counter Terrorism - Master Course 



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