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GENIAX  V.C.Q.B. Course


About this Course

This is one of the most advanced, complete, intensive, effective, realistic and practical  VCQB course on the market place of nowadays, a 3 day intensive training course. Intensive and 95% practical course aimed at tactical response.


Fighting inside and around vehicles. We'll takes you through the proper positions and dynamic methods needed to understand a close quarters engagement in and around a vehicle. Based on real-world experience and scenarios, in a situation where time is life.

How to use a vehicle to your advantage: car evacuation tactics, use of cover, counter ambush, assault on car, properly engaging enemies.


Many vehicles will be used to understand how to act in response to a direct attack on operators seated inside the vehicle, carried out by multiple attackers (positioned in different places: inside other cars, behind other cars, behind ours, in open field or sheltered by barricades and walls). A 5 days full of action on real scenarios to understand how to survive an ambush and evacuate in the safest and most effective way.



Who is this course for

Absolutely a must-have course for close protection operatives, security drivers, law enforcement, military, people working in High-Risk areas and all those travellers who want to get this kind of survival skills. 



About Us - Risk Management Specialists

GENI-AX is a specialized consultation and services multinational. We provide military and police support services, strategic and tactical stability support, with turn-key mission solutions which ensure the safety and structured readiness of Governmental and Corporate ventures worldwide.




Certificates - section A

Since we are an SSCS Approved Centre, certificates will be issued by the SSCS Security Skills Certification Scheme



Level 4 in VCQB Vehicle Close Quarter Battle for working within the Private Security Industry


With these certificates candidates will be able to apply for the SSCS badge, info at  



Certificates - section B



VCQB Vehicle Close Quarter Battle for working within the Private Security Industry



Certificates - section C

Issued by GENI-AX Worldwide Network:


VCQB Vehicle Close Quarter Battle for working within the Private Security Industry






Safety rules

Operational shooting method  

Attacks from several positions

Multiple attackers

Force-on-force attack drills 

Aggressiveness skills

Operational weapons check

Weapons jam

Shooting through glass windows

Shooting against multiple opponents

Shooting against vehicles

Shooting from behind cover

Shooting from inside the vehicle

Shooting inside a vehicle

Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover

Shooting on the move between targets 180 degree

Distinction between enemy and civilians

Advanced methods – aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy

Car Evacuation Tactics

Team Drills (single man and 2 operators)




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in the provision of Israeli Advanced Tactical Training Solutions

to Government and Private entities Worldwide

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