Manrico Erriu's Team


All courses are conducted by a team of highly qualified and experienced instructors managed by Manrico Erriu. Its experts internationally trained, who specialize in the field of VIP protection and Counter Terrorism are still active Close Protection operatives at all levels of risk and members of counter terrorism units.


Raising awareness of terrorism and terrorist strategies and more importantly how to combat them is a priority nowadays. Understanding and exercising counter-terrorism methods demand both precision and the ability to stay one-step ahead at all times. This cannot be achieved without expert training and tuition, creating solid foundations upon which to develop vital skills.

Before, we explore what Manrico Erriu can do for you, it’s only right you learn a little more about his background.


Manrico Erriu – Trained, Experienced and Trusted


- Strategist

- Complex Projects Manager
- Government Consultant 
- International Relations Specialist

Specialist in Protection & Risk Mitigation he took part in multiple operations with hands on experience in the field of Counter-Terrorism and Protection in the Government and Private Sector.

He managed a department of agents working worldwide, performing logistical, tactical and operational support tasks to governmental and private organizations, including prevention, anti-terrorism, dignitary protection and high government and business functions, critical infrastructure protection, training, intelligence gathering, convoys, PSD, counter-terrorism, anti-piracy maritime security, anti-fraud intelligence and special operations in: Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.


- International Security and Counter Terrorism Studies

- Counterintelligence Operations and Investigations

- Intelligence and Information Operations

- Protection & Risk Mitigation Specialist 

- Professional experiences in the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, Balkans and Asia

- Strong business relationships in: Qatar, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Peru, Argentina, Dominican Republic, United States, Nigeria, Mexico, Kosovo, Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy etc.

- Counter Terrorism Instructor specialized in Tactical Combat Shooting for the Military and Police Operations, Counter Terrorism and Protection Operations in Hostile Environments.


- Specialist in the provision of customized tactical training to Governmental Elite Units and Private Teams.


Manrico Erriu’s career began in Japan and spans several years within a diverse range of terrain. This gave the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to pass onto students and clients. Specialising in Counter Terrorism, VIP Protection, Close Protection Operations and Intelligence have been and will continue to be pivotal areas of his expertise. However, whichever service you require, rest assured, all are delivered based on professionalism, ethics, respect and dedication. These are key attributes and must be adhered to when observing different cultures and customs.


Manrico Erriu has built a strong rapport (business & friendship) with representatives from a variety of countries and therefore knows that learning based on respect is a golden rule for success.


He is founder at GENI-AX Worldwide Network (, at BUSHI Tactics - Schools for Modern Samurai, founder and president at WATANABE & KITAMURA Investments (, part of WATANABE & KITAMURA Group (

As an independent counter terrorism instructor specialising in the field of counter terrorism procedures, you’ll find Manrico holds the expertise and aptitude to arm officers with the knowledge and skills essential for today’s most hostile environments. The fact he is independent means customers benefit from a truly impartial approach. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the complete range of customized counter terrorism and close protection operations courses available.


- Counter-terror Quick Reaction

- Active Shooter - First Response

- Close Protection Operations

- Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments

- PSD Personal Security Detail

- PMC Private Military Contractor

- Limited Penetration Method - Tactical Entry

- CQB Close Quarter Battle

- VCQB Vehicle Close Quarter Battle

- Advanced Tactical Firearms - Limited Penetration Method

- Urban Tactics and Movements

- Tactical Close Combat


Governmental departments, civilian special units, private security companies and multinational organisations have all made Manrico Erriu a preferred choice for the utmost in professionalism and proficiency. 

The ultimate in Anti-Terror and Protection Tactical Instruction along with the highest quality tuition of the Protection Industry Services, all supported by skilled manpower teams.


International Service – all conditions, all risks
Counter-terrorism is a system in demand right around the globe. That’s why Manrico Erriu’s services are offered worldwide. No situation is ever the same. Levels of risk and working conditions are open to variation. Relevant experience of all conditions and the ability to exercise optimum skills in variable risk situations is vital. So, rest assured, it’s at the top of the agenda – ensuring you have such procedures in place whenever and wherever they are needed.


Operating Field with Optimum Support
When it comes to the operating field only the best support teams in their field will do. And that’s exactly what you can expect when you choose one of Manrico Erriu’s services and expert tuition courses. In addition to qualified experience customers will also benefit from hands-on assistance from a variety of close protection teams including:

First Response Teams
Anti-Maritime Piracy Teams
Intelligence Agents and Consultants
Counter-Surveillance Agents and Consultants

These are all part of the services Manrico has available. If you require further information regarding any of the above subjects, please ask. Rest assured, all fundamental accreditation recognized by the protection industry are firmly in place with all the fore mentioned courses. Likewise, all associated supporting crews hold international licenses and relevant titles, from both Government and private entities. What’s more, all have had significant and highly valuable operational experience required to equip you with the right knowledge and methods.  

Testimonials & References


Manrico Erriu is working for us with professionalism, diligence and dedication on a project concerning my Governmental Special Unit.


I highly recommend Manrico to any Governmental Organization looking for effective and highly valuable training programs in the Protection and Counter Terrorism field.


Colonel M.M.


Middle Eastern Muslim Country


Republica Dominicana

Policia Nacional


La Escuela Especializada de Comando

Operaciones Especiales P.N.

Cap. Martin Almonte Rojas P.N.


Reconoce al Sr. Manrico Erriu


Por su entrega, gran capacidad y profesionalismo al empartir el curso de Contratista Militar Privado e intenso de Gualda Espalda los requisitos del curso.


Dado en San José de las Matas, Republica Dominicana, a los 31 días del mes de Enero del año 2016.


Maximo F. Carrasco Bourdierd

Coronel Paracaidista, P.N.


Director Escuela de Comandos

Operaciones Especiales

"Cap. Martin Almonte Rojas", P.N.


I’m a Close Protection Officer director of a CP Agency based in UK. 

I'm working in the Protection Industry since 2004 looking after members of a Middle Eastern Royal Family.


Everybody in this field know Manrico Erriu, his reputation is getting stronger day by day.


His professional profile arrived to the Family for which I’m working. Two years ago they asked me to get in touch with Manrico because interested in his skills and services. Since that time he is working for them providing excellent services.


He has amazing skills. What impressed me and them from the first time is his way of dealing with high-profile people and clients, his professionalism and  his respect for people of different countries and cultures are above average.




CPO at a Middle Eastern Royal Family 


It is my privilege to write this letter of recommendation for Manrico Erriu.

I have known Manrico for the last years (from 2010). He impressed me with his passion and seriously on duty.


He has shown me the highest tactical skills.

I’m proud to have worked together to him.

For these reasons, it is without reservation that I recommend Manrico Erriu to any organization seeking a positive contributor possessing these capabilities.





Major  D. B.

Counter-Terrorism Instructor at a Special Forces Unit



This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Manrico Erriu. I have known Manrico for two years (from 2012). At the time we began working together, I was coordinator of delivery of Firearms Trainig for Private Security Sector and Manrico was the key instructor.


Manrico has a unique ability to work hard and professional, sharing his experience with the trainees. He worked excellent with all team members, achieving high level of interoperability and combat team efficiency.  Manrico Erriu is highly organized, disciplined, and results oriented combat instructor.


A lot of his professional skills I was able to implement improving the combat training of Bulgarian military advisor teams (MATs) involved in “hottest” areas of ISAF (International Security Assistance Forces Afghanistan) security operations in Kabul and Kandahar.


An ancient wisdom says:


“If we look at each 100 soldiers in the battle place, we will see that 80 of them are targets, 10 must not be there at all, 9 are fighters (and we have to be thankful, because they are important in the battle) and there is another 1 - the Real Warrior, who will provide all the rest soldiers to get back home alive after the battle.”


In my opinion this is the professional profile of Manrico – he is born Real Warrior!


I would highly recommend Manrico Erriu as a highly motivated and qualified professional specialist with experience in all aspects of providing of security training including counter terrorism, close protection, close combat, and firearms training.





Colonel. PhD K. K.


Combat Training Instructor

Bulgarian Armed Forces

National Military University

Reconnaissance Department


Manrico Erriu teaching during a HECPO - counter terror course
Manrico Erriu teaching during a HECPO - counter terror course


In March 2020, Manrico Erriu and Dr. John Perdikaris,  publish two books, the first entitled "Aviation Counter Terrorism and Operational Security", the second one entitled "Weapons of Mass Destruction and Improvised Explosive Devices. Threat Counter-Measures". The books, written in English, are part of the "International Security & Counter Terrorism" series, consisting of ten volumes that will be published during the course of 2020, and which will address the theme of international security and counter-terrorism.

Manrico Erriu at the MPSS&GENI-AX headquarters
Manrico Erriu at the MPSS&GENI-AX headquarters
Manrico Erriu here is teaching Counter Terrorism and Protection in Hostile Environments to a National Special Operations Unit in Dominican Republic
Manrico Erriu here is teaching Counter Terrorism and Protection in Hostile Environments to a National Special Operations Unit in Dominican Republic
Manrico Erriu here in action with his student at a Counter Terrorism Course
Manrico Erriu here in action with his student at a Counter Terrorism Course

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A nice interview on one of the best-run Spanish newspapers. The topics covered are the MPSS & GENI-AX and the LIGHTBRINGER. A deep thanks to Diario de Avisos team.


Una entrevista por uno de los periódicos españoles más exitosos. Los temas tratados son el MPSS & GENI-AX y el LIGHTBRINGER. Un profundo agradecimiento al equipo de Diario de Avisos


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Manrico Erriu: an article published in Italian language by the

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L'arte dell'inganno

Autobiografia di uno stratega


Autore: Manrico Erriu

Codice ISBN: 978-9928-4586-0-5

Casa editrice: Independently published 

Lingua: Italian Edition


 “Nel dubbio uccidi” è il titolo d’impatto dell’autobiografia di Manrico Erriu, presentata in anteprima a Cagliari venerdì 13 dicembre 2019. 


L’opera, che ha come sottotitolo “L’arte dell’inganno”, racconta la straordinaria vicenda personale di Manrico Erriu: nato a Cagliari, riceve sin da bambino un durissimo addestramento fisico e spirituale presso una potente famiglia giapponese.


Seguiranno intense esperienze come operatore di scorta nelle aree più pericolose del pianeta e come addestratore di sicurezza per enti governativi e privati, fino ai successi nelle vesti di imprenditore. Sempre sospesa tra Occidente e Oriente, un’eccezionale avventura che è anche un percorso iniziatico di rafforzamento, attraverso la costruzione di un’identità e di un’etica che ricalcano quelle dei leggendari guerrieri del Sol Levante.


“Nel dubbio uccidi” è un libro che parla di strategia e tattica nelle situazioni più estreme e brutali, ma anche un coinvolgente atto d’amore nei confronti delle tradizioni e dei segreti della cultura giapponese.


Un libro intenso e avvincente nel quale Manrico Erriu svela alcuni segreti con i quali ha convissuto durante trentasette anni e che hanno accompagnato ogni attimo della sua vita. 


Dall'addestramento ricevuto da una famiglia guerriera giapponese, alle pratiche ascetiche di rafforzamento e sviluppo del potenziale mentale arrivando ai giorni nostri dove l'autore racconta la sua vita come operatore di scorta durante missioni segrete per la protezione di dignitari e come addestratore di unità di protezione provenienti da enti governativi e privati di tutto il mondo. Un libro sulla tradizione e i segreti del Giappone più antico e misterioso, ma anche un libro di strategia e tattica, la storia dei suoi successi imprenditoriali e personali realizzati negli ultimi dieci anni.


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