“The Company” or “us”:  Watanabe & Kitamura Investments, GENIAX Division and all their partners and associates.
“You”:  the person who makes the booking with Watanabe & Kitamura Investments, GENIAX Division
“Candidates”: All members of the group attending the training course including any spectators.
“Facilities”:  All facilities at which your training course is held.


A binding contract is only entered into after we have received payment from you, in cleared funds, of either the required deposit or the whole agreed course price, and we have issued a written confirmation via email or letter. It is essential that, upon receipt of our confirmation, you check the details we have confirmed and notify us immediately of any errors. Where this is not done, and there is an unreasonable delay in notifying any apparent discrepancies in the confirmed arrangements, we will not be responsible for any charges that may arise as a result of alterations that have to be made to the course booking.


It is advisable to have travel insurance for foreign courses, for the duration of your stay in a particular country. The course providers take all necessary action to ensure the safe execution of all tasks relating the course; however, we take no responsibility for any injuries sustained during your stay in that particular country. You agree to be covered with your own medical insurance throughout all practical activities for Close Protection and Firearms training courses you attend.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the information contained on our website and within any of our promotional material, is accurate and not misleading, it may be subject to change. We reserve the right to make changes to the website and any information it contains at any time. Where material changes are made to any promotional content after your course has been booked, every effort will be made to advise of such changes prior to the start of the course or as soon as is possible.


The descriptions of the training courses offered on the company’s website and other promotional materials are stated in good faith but occasionally it may be required to make some alterations to schedules, equipment, instructors and/or the facilities used. The Company reserves the right to make minor changes to events without notice. If there is a particular aspect of the training course, or piece of equipment, that is critical to you please contact us prior your departure and check to avoid disappointment.


The company’s training courses are held throughout the year and in a wide range of weather conditions. Unless weather conditions are extreme enough to warrant serious safety concerns, (such as during a hurricane) training courses are rarely cancelled by the Company. In such an event, either the Company or its representatives will contact you by telephone to notify you. If you are unsure as to whether the event is cancelled you should call either the Company or its representative in the location, before deciding to terminate your trip to the training venue. If you decide to discontinue the training course due to poor weather without checking with the Company first, you will be considered to have voluntarily cancelled the training course (see cancellation policy). It is your responsibility to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the time of year, especially if the event is held outdoors.


All advertised prices quoted by our staff before booking, or shown in any of our publicity material, are for guidance only and may be subject to change prior to the confirmation of your booking. We reserve the right to increase (surcharge) the price of your booking after it has been made. Such price increases are limited to those resulting from:

- Increases in transportation costs (including fuel and air fares)
- Dues
- Taxes

- Fees chargeable for services (including security fees)
- Government action or exchange rate fluctuation

As we operate in a diverse range of destinations, at different times, we will notify you of the purchasing exchange rate if any surcharge occurs.


 Payment Terms
1. In order to secure your course, you must pay Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENI-AX the appropriate costs in full at the moment of the registration. In all cases, in order to make a booking, the payment has to be made as soon as possible in order to secure your place at the course. Payment must be made in Euros or you will be responsible for any bank charges that may be incurred due to currency exchange rates, unless you have made specific agreement with us for paying in a different currency.
Payment for your course can be made by bank transfer and debit/credit card. In all cases, a booking will not be confirmed until we are in receipt of cleared funds. 

2. A reservation without payment is not a confirmed booking. Candidates will be allowed to join the training depending on the size of the class available if the class is full, learners can be asked to attend the following course.
3. GENI-AX reserves the right to change prices without notice.


Refunds Policy
2.1. If an individual candidate is unable to attend on the scheduled course date reserved, the candidate should notify GENI-AX at least 30 days in advance. If they do so, GENI-AX will agree an alternative course date with the candidate for any course date in the next 12 months, subject to availability, provided that the full course price has been paid.
2.2. If a candidate fails to inform us by phone or email in advance of inability to attend on the course date reserved, then a re-booking will have to be made.
2.3. GENI-AX operates the non - refund policy in respect of the cancellation of individual course bookings, but an alternative course date can be arranged by agreement, provided that the full payment has been made by the candidate.
2.4. If we change your course:
 In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to change your course, in total or in part, GENI-AX will inform you as soon as is reasonably practicable of any necessary changes. You shall have the option of:
(a) Accepting the changed arrangements;
(b) Or purchasing another course from GENI-AX (and paying any differences between the prices, no refund applies.)
3. Delay or Failure to Perform on our part:
 We shall not be liable to you if we are prevented or delayed in the performing of any of our obligations to you if this is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control including but not limited to (Force Majeure):
(a). An act of God, natural or nuclear disaster, explosion, flood, fire or accident; adverse weather conditions, levels of water in rivers, pandemic;
(b) War or civil disturbance; terrorist activity (actual or threatened)
(c) Strike, industrial action or stoppages of work;
(d) Any form of government intervention;
(e) A third party act or omission;
(d) Technical or maintenance problems with transport, machinery or equipment, power failure, closure of airports, changes of schedules or operational decisions of transport providers
(f) Failure by you to give us a correct delivery address or notify us of any change of address and/or contact details. The company’s training courses should not be viewed as substantial elements of any holiday or business trip, and should under no circumstances be booked as the prime or principal reason for booking any holiday or business trip. The company’s maximum liability is limited to the total price paid for the training course and cannot be held liable for any other compensation relating to such a cancellation, for example, (but not limited to) flights, hotels, or general travelling expenses associated with you or your group’s overall holiday or business trip.

4. We do not participate, support or sponsor any type of entry visas to UK or any other country in order to attend out training. Visas issues will not be considered as grounds for refund or cancellation.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of your training course will only be accepted if it is received in writing either by email, or recorded letter. Cancellation refers to the cancellation of the whole training course.

a) If the Company receives notice that you wish to cancel your reservation the Company reserves the right to retain 100 per cent of the amount you have paid towards the training course at the time of cancellation as a cancellation fee.

b) Lateness and/or “No-show”
If you are more than 60 minutes late in meeting prior to the briefing the company’s representative whether that is the representative meeting the group at the airport, at the hotel, or (if transport is not included in the event) the instructor at the training venue, the Company will deem the event to have been cancelled and reserves the right to retain 100 per cent of the total value of the event as a cancellation fee.

We do not participate, support or sponsor any type of entry visas to any country in order to attend out training. Visas issues will not be considered as grounds for refund or cancellation.

Whilst we endeavour to prevent this as described above, it is occasionally necessary for us to make changes to booked arrangements. In exceptional circumstances,  we may be required to change your course arrangements after the booking has been confirmed.
If the change is minor we will do our best to notify you in advance of your start date, but we are not obliged to do so, and no compensation will be payable. If the change is material (including, but not limited to, change of destination, removal of entire activities or change of accommodation) we will notify you as soon as practically possible and off you the choice of:
(i) Accepting the alternative arrangements
(Ii)Arranging an alternative course with us
(Iii)Cancelling your course Regardless of the option you choose we will refund the fees unless such change has been caused by Force Majeure.

Amendment during the course
If we are unable to provide any single part of your course, suitable arrangements, of as equal equality as possible will be made for you at no extra cost. Should we be unable to provide a significant proportion of your course we will endeavour to do the same or you will be given a pro-rate/proportionate refund for any part of course not received.
This does not apply to minor changes in your accommodation or course arrangements.

Cancellation by us
Whilst we hope we will never have to cancel your course, this is extremely occasionally necessary, and we reserve the right to do sowing any such case we will endeavour to offer suitable alternative arrangements of a comparable or better standard, or hold your payment on account for use with us at a later date.


1. GENI-AX shall ensure that all services you order from us are in accordance with these terms and conditions and shall be performed by us with all reasonable skill, care and utmost professionalism.
2. Our entire liability in connection with training and auditing services will not exceed the purchase price of the services booked.
3. Except in relation to death or personal injury caused by our negligence GENI-AX’s liability remains, at all times, limited to the value of the services booked, excluding any amendment charges paid to us.

Disruption of teaching times
Where the training centre is closed for an extended period during normal teaching time, interrupting the provision of normal teaching the following applies:
Where there is disruption to teaching time and the training centre remain open but either: Individual students miss teaching and learning time, or Significant numbers of students miss teaching and learning time, then the training centre would facilitate alternative methods of learning. This may include the use of online tools to forward learning materials to candidates.
 In special cases, the training centre may advise candidates to sit examinations at an alternative venues. Where the centre is closed during the examination period, then the centre may arrange for alternative venues.

Excursions and activities
We endeavour to ensure that all activities and excursions that form part of your course package are sourced from responsible and reliable suppliers and of the highest quality. Such excursions and/or activities will be booked and paid for in advance but may be subject to change.

Event arrangements
Your course may include attendance at a 3rd party event as part of the package. Whilst unusual for changes to be made to such events we accept no responsibility to refund or compensate where such changes are made due to reasons beyond our control. We will, however, make every effort to ensure the event still meets your requirements or endeavour to find a suitable replacement.
In the unlikely event of the complete cancellation of an event,  we will again endeavour to find a suitable replacement.

Our responsibilities to you
We endeavour to ensure that we use all reasonable skill and care in our selection of the parties involved in the preparation and supply of your course. Please remember that the appropriate standards will be those prevalent in your course destination, however;

(a)  We accept no liability to you for:
- any circumstance arising from fault on your part or the part
- any circumstance arising from fault on the part of someone not connected with the provision of the booked course and/or its various components
- any circumstance which arises due to unusual or unexpected circumstances beyond our reasonable control which could not have been avoided
- any circumstance which arises due to an event which we or the supplier of any service could not anticipate, expect or reasonably prevent

(b) Any acceptance of liability is subject to you agreeing to assign to us your rights against any third party responsible for the events leading to your claim and to you affording us all necessary assistance in pursuing that claim.


You are responsible for your actions for the duration of the course. It is expected that you conduct yourself in a professional and respectful manner at all times adhering to the ground rules set out by your training provider and training staff and also civil and criminal law. Any misconduct may result in disciplinary action that may result in exclusion or dismissal from the course and police intervention.

Minimum Age Limits

The person making the booking must in all cases be 20 years or older.


 Due to the nature of certain activities that make up our courses we reserve the right for any member of our staff to remove you from an activity, or an entire course, should your behaviour be deemed a danger to them, yourself or others.

1. GENI-AX expects a high standard of behavior from candidates sitting on courses. You have a duty of care to other candidates, instructors and staff.
2. Appear for the course in decent dressing.
3. If your behavior is deemed to be unacceptable, or causes damage, your course may be terminated, and you may be asked to leave the premises. Your application form and contact details will be retained pending further enquiry.
4. No whole or part refunds will be made under these circumstances.
GENI-AX define work-related violence as: any incident in which an employee is abused, threatened or assaulted by a member of the public in circumstances arising out of the course of his/her employment. This is based on the Health and Safety Executive’s definition. We have zero tolerance policy to work-related violence and abuse. Our staff should report any instances of violence, threats or abuse, including any details about when it happened, who was involved and any relevant circumstances that may have contributed to the incident. Any candidate found to be encouraging or inciting violence may be subject to immediate dismissal without a right to refund of their fee. The company management reserves the right to terminate a trainee's participation for disciplinary reasons.

In the case of your removal from an activity or course, we accept no responsibility to cover any costs incurred to you. We also reserve the right to pass any costs incurred on to you through your removal.
We will always pursue compensation through the necessary legal processes should your behaviour result in damage or injury to our property or staff.

 Behaviour that may result in disciplinary action and/or exclusion from the course includes;      

- Entering any training venue whilst intoxicated.
- The taking of any alcoholic beverages onto training premises without the express consent of the training providers or instructors.
- The brining of any equipment into/onto any training venue/premises without the consent of the training provider or training staff.
- Unlawful appropriation of property belonging to another either on the training premises or any other venue/location used for training purposes.
- The taking of any course material or equipment without consent from the training provider or instructors.
- The use of any controlled substances (, not including prescription medication allocated to you. The use of prescription medication MUST be brought to the attention of the course provider and/or the instructors prior to the start of the course)
- The damage of any vehicle, training venue or any materials provided for use during the course.
- Allowing access to any training venue used to unauthorised persons including friends and family members.
- To behave in a manner that may be deemed violent or aggressive towards any member of public, fellow students, any member of training or provider staff (The laws on self-defence still apply and any violent incident will be referred to the police and unlawful use of force may result in your exclusion from the course)
- Inappropriate/negligent use of any vehicles provided during the course resulting in damage or injury. Pending the outcome of an investigation into the cause, this may result in the insurance excess being charged to you which is set at no less than €1500.00.

Personal Ability

The course is designed to teach individuals how to undertake work in a safe and competent way. Although no formal qualifications are required, individuals need to have the capacity to read and write and the physical ability to undertake and perform the physical skills required. The language of all our courses is English. All students will be expected to speak at all times in English, except where it may be of benefit educationally.

Personal Fitness

Our courses require you to be in good physical condition. Therefore, if you do have any physical impairment which you feel may compromise your ability to undertake the course, please seek the advice of a medical professional before attending and inform the training provider. Any concerns about a delegate’s physical ability or competence to undertake the training will be brought to the individual’s attention by the coaching staff.


All delegates are required to complete a medical questionnaire prior to commencing the course. All injuries, past and present, must be disclosed, including any medication currently prescribed and/or being taken. The coaching staff reserve the right to exclude from the course any individual who the staff has reason to believe may be unsuitable for training on the basis of health or physical ability.


The course schedule is extremely intense, and time is of the essence. Therefore, you must ensure that you are on time for each session. Failing to do so may result in disciplinary action and/or exclusion from the course. This includes arrival on day the course commences. Lateness and failure to attend training on non-residential courses; the acceptability of lateness and the reason given will be assessed by instructors on a case by case basis. Absence from training sessions without valid reason or impacting on a student or the courses progress will be subject to dismissal from the course.

Personal Hygiene

Due to the nature of the training we will all be working in proximity to one another, and making physical contact. Therefore, it is imperative that personal hygiene is of a decent standard. Nails are to be short and clean.


For personal safety reasons,  all jewellery must be removed prior to any training commencing. Where an item of jewellery cannot be removed (i.e.:wedding rings) it may be required to be covered dependent on its construction and style. It is your responsibility to ensure this has taken place prior to the commencement of any physical exercise.



Pregnant women shall not be allowed to undertake any sort of physical intervention training with us, therefore, those of our courses that involve this activity will not be available during any stage of pregnancy. Those of female candidates that get pregnant after placing their booking are obliged not to attend their course before the birth giving. Special arrangements will be made to allow transferring their participation within any available dates chosen by the candidate after birth giving. Those choosing to participate in our physical intervention training courses whilst pregnant without informing us about it do so entirely at their own risk.

At the time of writing there is some evidence to suggest that shooting firearms whilst pregnant may damage the hearing of unborn babies. Therefore, we strongly discourage pregnant women from participating in our shooting events, or if spectating, from entering the immediate live fire area where hearing protection is mandatory. Under UK law,  we cannot ask customers if they are pregnant at the time of booking, but you should be aware that shooting ranges used by the Company abroad will not allow pregnant women to shoot because of the possibility of damage to the hearing of unborn babies. Those choosing to participate in our shooting events whilst pregnant do so entirely at their own risk. Those of female candidates that get pregnant after placing their booking are advised not to attend their course before the birth giving.

Special arrangements will be made to allow transferring their participation within any available dates chosen by the candidate after birth giving.

Drugs and Alcohol

GENI-AX operates a drug-free training culture. Therefore, any Individual who is caught taking illegal on un-prescribed drugs to artificially to enhance their performance, or found to be in possession of such items, will be removed from the course, and if necessary reported to the Police. In addition, any person who has (or has had in the recent past [last 12 months]) a drug dependency (including recovering drug abusers) must bring this to the attention of the course tutors prior to the course commencing. Failure to do so may result in the individual being removed from the course. , Any candidate who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or appears in the judgement of instructors to be, will be excluded from the training course for the whole duration of it for the safety of their own and others. No refund will be made to those who are excluded from the training course for this reason.

Prohibited person

By accepting these terms and conditions you accept responsibility for confirming that you are not prohibited under any laws from using firearms, nor have a history of serious alcohol and/or substance abuse, nor are suffering from mental illness including depression nor have a criminal record. You agree with the fact that foreign countries licensing process may differ to UK and with the fact that should your CRB (Criminal Records) contain convictions older than 5 years you may be refused security or close protection license and/or firearms certificate.

Special requests
We will endeavour to meet any specific requests received prior to the start of your course as best we can, however, we cannot guarantee to meet such requests. In any case,  you should notify us of any special requests in writing and as long before your course start date as possible, in order to allow us to try and accommodate them best.

Driving the company’s vehicles
The company does not take responsibility for charges and fines incurred by the candidates during the course due to irresponsible driving or breaking relevant laws or the Highway Code. The driver or of the vehicle at the time of the contravention will be responsible for any legal costs. GENI-AX will seek to retrieve any cost such an act will cause.
All candidates should remember to follow the company’s guidelines:

Never break the law on the road during this course
Keep calm and polite towards others on the road
Always double check where you are about to park!
We are not prepared to pay for your fines
Drive carefully or do not drive at all – our policy is not to cover any damages caused by negligence!
Car log – notebook in every car – sign in and out
Car register: make, model, plate number list
Photocopies of id’s and driving licenses

The use of equipment
(a) A list of actions resulting in immediate dismissal includes, but is not exhaustible:

- Unauthorised handling of any weapon which includes pistols and assault rifles, ammunition, gas canisters or any device/part relating to the use/functionality of the weapon.
- The use of any weapon authorised or not whilst not wearing the appropriate safety equipment.
- In cases of accidental discharge of any weapon that result in injury or damage to 
property, discretion shall lie with the trainer/instructor based on the circumstances of the incident.
- Any person(s) found in possession of personal weapon in or at any training venue.
- Any use of any weapon by any person deemed dangerous and malicious in intent.

- The use of any weapon outside of the instructor’s supervision
- The use of any weapon with the intent to cause, or to enable another person to cause, someone else to fear that unlawful violence will be used against them or another person (Sec. 1 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1994)

GENI-AX will seek to recover any expenses incurred by student inaction, negligence or misuse.

Personal Safety Equipment:
Delegates may bring appropriate and suitable equipment for use during the training, including; wrist supports, gum shields, groin protectors, etc. All such items, however, must be declared to the training staff prior to the start of the course. Where the equipment is unsuitable, the coaching staff reserves the right to restrict its use.
General rules applying to requirements for undertaking the training course with us.

Safety on the training facilities:
For the safety of all candidates any behavior at the training venue deemed to be unsafe by instructors, whether intentional or unintentional, will not be acceptable. If an instructor believes that the behavior of one or more candidates is a risk to others, he or she will be excluded from the training course for the whole duration of it. No refund will be made for candidates who are excluded from the training course for this reason.

Venues safety procedures must be respected at all times. You will receive a safety briefing which you must obey. If any of candidates are unsure about anything in this safety briefing or anything else regarding venue safety, you must ask your instructor.

Ear and eye protection are provided at no extra charge at all of our shooting events and must be worn at all times whilst live firing is in progress. This applies whether you are shooting or observing.

The Company takes care only to select the best shooting ranges with the safest instructors, but we can provide no absolute guarantee of the day-to-day safety management and accept no responsibility for any damage to the candidates or their property, or damage that they may do to third persons or property.

Booking to the training course automatically confirms full understanding to all terms and conditions and full compliance with the General Practical Skills Declaration. The General Practical Skills Declaration is updated from time to time by the company. If you wish to view these prior to making your reservation or attending the training course you have booked for over two months in advance, contact the Company in writing at least 21 days before your training course to request a copy of the latest General Practical Skills Declaration.

Accidental Damage to Property and/or People
Any accidental damage to persons or property caused by candidates whilst at, or en route to, the training course is their personal responsibility, and the Company accepts no liability either directly or indirectly for such damage.

Travel & Medical Insurance
All candidate groups always should ensure that they have adequate health and travel insurance covering cancellation and medical cover as a minimum prior to attending the course and where applicable before leaving your home country. The Company accepts no liability for cancellation, medical expenses or loss or damage to property during the training course or the entire journey.

Use of dormitory
 The Student and Company acknowledge that the following rules and regulations are in full force and effect for the attached licensed premises that the rules are to promote the convenience, safety, peace and welfare of the Students in the premises, preserve the company’s property from abusive use, and make a fair distribution of services and facilities held out for the Students generally. This acknowledgement is indicated by the Student’s signature below.

1. A space is allocated to you in the kitchen cabinet for storage, please use and keep this space clean. Do not keep things anywhere else or purchase things that will exceed your own space. There is also a refrigerator for your, Please bear other dormitory users in mind when using this. Please kindly remove the bin when full. Do not drop rubbish on the floor or in the bin without liner.

2. Students agree that the cleanliness of the dormitory is mandatory. The Company reserves the right to inspect for cleanliness and in the event the dormitory, kitchen areas and adjoining toilets is found unsatisfactory, the Students will be given notice. If not cleaned satisfactorily, a professional cleaning person will clean the apartment and any expense incurred, therefore, shall be assessed to the Students in the dormitory.

3.  No person shall be in the housing area while under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. There shall be no consumption, storage or sale of alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs in the housing area. Those Students found in violation of this regulation are subject to dismissal from the housing area, and no refund will be made.

4.  There will be NO SMOKING allowed in the dormitory. The sidewalk entries, passages, and stairways to the dormitory shall not be obstructed or used for any other purpose than for ingress and egress to and from the dormitory, this includes dropping papers, tea cups spiting etc.

5.  No Student shall interfere in any manner with any portion of the heating and lighting apparatus in or about the dormitory nor about the building containing the same. Fire extinguishers and smoke alarms are on the stair way for your protection.

6. Any damage to dormitory will be assessed to all members of the dormitory unless responsibility can be established to the contrary. The cost of repairs will be due and owing upon completion of the repairs. Students are not allowed to do repair work in the apartments.

7. There will be no flammable materials or explosives stored in or about the housing area. This includes petroleum products, fireworks, etc. There will be no firearms or weapons (including paint-ball guns) permitted in the dormitory.

8. No over-night guests without prior permission from the Accommodation Supervisor. No person under the age of 18, not accompanied by parent(s), shall be in the dormitory, without first obtaining permission from the Accommodation Supervisor, his/her designee, or another Administrator of the Company.

Failure to abide by the above rules and regulations will result in dismissal from the dormitory. By booking to your course, you acknowledge that you have read these Rules and Regulations and agree to abide by them.

All of the shooting ranges we use require a valid photo identification such as a passport or drivers licence for each member of the group handling firearms. This identification may be held as security by range staff for the duration of the event and is returned upon completion of the session. If any members of the group does not bring their valid photo identification to the range, he or she will not be allowed to take part in the event. All candidates are requested to check that they have their identification with them before they set out for the range. Refunds cannot be made for individuals who fail to bring valid identification and criminal disclosure.

Our advanced programmes are involving significant elements of firearms training, which is why, we require the full name, date of birth, and passport number for each applicant at the time of booking. We will also need to take a single copy of the photo page of all attendee’s passports upon arrival at the shooting range for our records as evidence that identity has been properly verified by our staff.




Any information collected in the application process is treated in confidence and will not be transferred to any outside party other than on a extremely strict need-to-know basis.
To be specific, your name and your mobile telephone number will be sent to the instructors responsible for running the training course so that they have a contact in the event of a problem or emergency at the training venue.
Also, we will if requested by the proper authorities share individual information on course attendees with them solely for the purpose of security clearance. If you are booking on behalf of other people, it is your responsibility to explain this to them before completing the booking.

1. We shall only store and use the information you supply to us or which is supplied to us for the purposes of carrying out our contract with you and to inform you of other services and offers which we make available from time to time.
2. If you do not wish to receive such information, please let us know by: emailing us at ct-academy@geniax-close-protection-courses.com . Your personal information is collected for the primary purpose of assessing your application for admission to Protective Security candidature. Other purposes of the collection include the creation of an enrollment record on the student database, attending to administrative matters, corresponding with you and statistical analyses. If you choose not to complete all the questions on the enrolment form, it will not be possible for GENI-AX to assess your application. Personal information may also be disclosed to the relevant bodies for the verification of your qualifications.

Photographs and Testimonials
The Company reserves the right to publish on its web site or other publicity materials any photographs or testimonials that are collected by the company or voluntarily sent to the Company by candidates. The company assumes, unless told otherwise that when it receives such photographs or testimonials, the person sending them has obtained permission to place them in the public domain from any members of the group that appear in them.

The use of recording equipment
Any unauthorised use of cameras or video recording equipment may result in the immediate dismissal from the course. The use of such equipment must be agreed with the training provider and authorisation must be received in writing.

Videoing and the taking of pictures are not permitted without the express written permission of Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENIAX.


The copyright of all course materials including Course Notes, Exercise Sheets, Visual Teaching Aids and Power Point presentations remain at all times the property of Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENIAX and/ or the trainer who produced the material.
All teaching and delegate material produced for use within our courses will be supplied by Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENIAX unless otherwise agreed. If course notes are printed by the client / organisation, the copyright still remains that of Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENIAX and the author. The manual for delegates is supplied for use as a personal reference and revision aid. It must not be reproduced for wider distribution within the organization or externally without the explicit agreement of 
Watanabe & Kitamura Investments | GENIAX.



Admission guidelines

Admission to a training course is contingent upon meeting the requirements and standards of GENIAX. The candidate to reserve a place on the course has to send at ct-academy@geniax-close-protection-courses.com:

1. digital copy of his valid passport;

2. Copy of criminal records certificate;

3. Registration form filled up and signed

4. Full payment receive.


Admission requirements


Upon arrival at the Centre candidates are required to provide the following documentation for a clearance check

• Two passport size photographs
• Valid passport

• Health Certificate
• Criminal Records certificate or equivalent


Initial learner’s needs assessment
No learner will be admitted to any programme on offer by the Company unless the Administration is satisfied that all relevant documentation has been provided, checked and is valid.
On arrival to the centre,   learners will go through an initial assessment conducted by the administrator. This assessment will establish their professional and academic needs. This assessment may be in the form of scripted official greeting. Through this assessment, the administrator shall establish the learner’s suitability for the course and advise them accordingly.  During this time, the administrator will seek out for the following:

• Learners’ language proficiency
• Ability to fund the training
• Any other physical or health challenge that might impede the learner’s progression.


A random assessment, comprising of an informal interview and completion of a test will also be conducted on every seventh learner registering for a course.
All person applying for admissions to the training course must be aged 20 or over at the time of application.

The training dates will be available for up to two months via our website. Registration will take place online.


Course commencement
Course will be conducted at the minimum availability of 8 candidates. The Company reserves the right to:

• Cancel the course
• Defer the course
• Make any changes in;
• Course Duration
• Course Fee

Learner malpractice
Attempting to or actually carrying out any malpractice activity is not permitted by the company. The following are examples of malpractice by learners; this list is not exhaustive and other instances of malpractice may be considered by the company at its discretion:

• Plagiarism by copying and passing off, as the learner’s own, the whole or part(s) of another person’s work, including artwork, images, words, computer generated work (including Internet sources), thoughts, inventions and/or discoveries whether published or not, with or without the originator’s permission and without appropriately acknowledging the source
• Collusion by working collaboratively with other learners to produce work that is submitted as an individual learner work. Learners should not be discouraged from teamwork as this is an essential key skill for many sectors and subject areas, but the use of minutes, allocating tasks, agreeing outcomes, etc are an essential part of team work, and this must be made clear to the learners

• Impersonation by pretending to be someone else in order to produce the work for another or arranging for another for taking one’s place in an assessment/examination/test

• Fabrication of results and/or evidence
• Failing to abide by the instructions or advice of an assessor, a supervisor, an invigilator, or the company conditions in relation to the assessment/examination/test rules, regulations and security
• Misuse of assessment/examination material
• Introduction and/or use of unauthorised material contra to the requirements of supervised assessment/examination/test conditions, for example notes, study guides, personal organisers, calculators, dictionaries (when prohibited), personal stereos, mobile phones or other similar electronic devices
• Obtaining, receiving, exchanging or passing on information which could be assessment/examination/test related (or attempt to) by means of talking or written papers/notes during supervised assessment/examination/test conditions
• Behaving in such a way as to undermine the integrity of the assessment/examination/test
• The alteration of any results document, including certificates



By booking on the training course with the company, I hereby declare all following:
- I hereby acknowledge that I will be receiving instruction in training from Watanabe & Kitamura Investments Company | GENIAX Division (called “The Company” within this document).
- I accept to undertake the forthcoming course, and I have made the instructors aware of any personal limitations I may have with regard to undertaking a physical course,
- I have completed the medical questionnaire highlighting any physical injuries or issues with regards to my health, of which, the instructors should be aware of.
- I declare that I am fit, healthy and that I am over the age of twenty years old.
- I understand that the course might involve physical contact, vehicle usage, firearms or high level of stress that may cause injury or death although unintentional.
- The dangers involved were explained to me along with the importance of training.
All techniques taught will be approved, however, should the techniques be changed or altered in any way or not utilized correctly, then the Company cannot accept liability for any claim that may result from improper use of the techniques.
- I accept that no physical course can offer a complete guarantee of safety and that there is a risk involved with regard to injury on undertaking such training;
- I will at all times conduct myself with due regard to my health and safety and the health and safety of others on the course, and I will obey all lawful instructions given to me and comply as far as is practicable with the safety briefs provided for my safety;
- If I am injured during the course I will immediately bring this to the attention of one or both of the course tutors;
- I will at all times take whatever action is necessary to reduce or eliminate the risk of injury to myself and others by undertaking the training in accordance with the safety instructions and briefings provided for the safety of myself and others;
- I understand the fact that all techniques if incorrectly used or used for too long a period or if used with excessive force may result in injury or harm to the person when they are applied. For this reason, techniques should not be used by any individual who is not confident in their use. The use of techniques should also be the subject of regular updating and refresher training to ensure their continued correct application. Only persons present and participated fully during the course of the instruction may use the 
techniques. Any other person should not use them.
- I understand that The Company cannot accept any liability, which may attach to the unauthorized teaching of the techniques. Therefore, the techniques must not be shown or taught to others.
- I will abide by all lawful instructions by the instructors or any other delegate nominated by the training staff;
- I will not attempt to teach any technique shown to me during the course without the express permission of the course tutors;
- I will not teach or demonstrate any technique from any other training source without first gaining permission from the course tutors;
- I hereby acknowledge and accept the limitations set out in this Disclaimer and confirm that I understand that if I use or apply the techniques taught other than in the way instructed I may cause injury or harm to the person they are applied. I will not be able to claim against the instructors and any staff member from Company for any liability which may result from improper use of the techniques shown to me during the course of instruction by the Company.
- I acknowledge that Company reserves the right to vary or reverse any decision regarding admission or enrollment made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information.
- I acknowledge that the company is not responsible for any damage caused by non-compliance with the disciplinary rules and regulations or for damage occurring after training.
- I agree with the fact that the company management reserves the right to terminate a trainee's participation for disciplinary reasons.
- I understand that I undertake this training as offered by the Company at my own risk and I will hold the Company free and harmless from any liabilities due to injuries, illness, accidents or other incidents that may arise or occur as a part of or in connection with this course
- I have never suffered or currently suffer from any psychiatric illness or medical condition incompatible with physical training.
- I declare not to drive a car during the training course without a full and clean driving license. I take full responsibility for my mistakes on the road in case of them leading to the accident. I take full responsibility for any of mine and others personal injuries caused by my driving. I understand that, at no point,  I am allowed to break the law during the course and will accept all consequences coming from my wrong doing. I agree to follow the zero tolerance of alcohol and drug policy applying to every training course run by the company.
- I declare not to consume the alcohol and drugs at all within every of 24h of every day of the course during its whole duration.
- I do not have a criminal record.
- I am not pregnant at the time of booking for the training course. I shall inform the company in case of getting pregnant before the date of the course, and I agree to comply with the company rules on pregnancy.
- I accept that the Company will reserve the right to expand, to reduce or to change the courses / seminars syllabus.
- I intend to use the knowledge and skills developed through training with GENIAX only for legal protection purposes.
- I declare that I have read the instructions on the application form and that the information provided by me is true and complete, and I meet the eligibility criteria stated in the course description. I recognize that it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documentation to support my application.
- I am covered with my own medical insurance throughout all practical activities requiring it. I fully release the company from any responsibility for my personal injury or accidental death during my training and will 
not claim any sort of compensation from the Company.
- I accept that if I act in any intentionally negligent way that compromises my safety or the safety of others or which causes harm to myself or others I may be removed from the training immediately at the discretion of the course tutors;
- I will bring to the tutors attention anything that I feel is a risk to any person (including the course tutors) which comes to my attention during the duration of the course. This also involves any actions by others who I honestly feel may seriously compromise the health and safety of others. I expect any such forthcoming information to be treated with due regard to privacy and in a confidential and professional manner.
- I acknowledge that the deposit is non-refundable and that any specific offer prices may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
- I understand that taking the course does not guarantee me employment with Company or any of their partners or clients.
- I authorise Company to pass my details to potential employers upon my successful completion of my course.
- I understand that my movements in the training centre will be recorded on CCTV for safety and security purposes and for no other reason.
- I acknowledge that the training I am undertaking in no way states when and in which situations it may be applied.
- I understand that the use of Physical Intervention Techniques (where taught) will be applied at my own discretion and that I will be totally responsible for the way that they are applied.
- I understand that it will be my responsibility to justify any use of force on my part in the public domain that leads to injury, allegation, prosecution or civil liability in accordance with the current legislation relating to the use of force.
- I understand that any technique that is applied either inappropriately or for too long a period may result in serious injury or death, for which I may be held responsible.
Company does not guarantee the lawfulness or effectiveness of a technique in a real-time situation.
- Where techniques are described or demonstrated in a specified situation this is for illustration purposes only and in no way the definitive legally appropriate response.
- I acknowledge that I shall have no grounds for any claim against Company in the event that I misuse or mistakenly perform any taught technique that leads to harm and liability on my part.
- I agree to comply with all regulations of the company.
- I have read and understood all above conditions, and I accept them in full.

14. Governing law and jurisdiction.

1 The contract is subject to English law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. The terms and conditions set out above shall be governed and construed in accordance with English law. You agree to pursue any dispute solely within the English legal system. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights under English law or the laws of the country in which the shooting event takes place.

15. Your Declaration

By booking any of our courses you confirm your full ability to attend and your compliance with our Terms and Conditions.                                                                           

Full ability means: finances ready as per terms and conditions require, all health and/or fitness related issues declared and discussed prior the booking, all requested documentation readily available if not it must be declared and discussed with our team.

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