About this Course

This is one of the most advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor course in the market, an 8 day intensive course for working within the private security industry which will provide you with effective tools. It is strictly designed to meet the needs of operatives working in high risk Countries. Intensive and 100% practical course aimed at tactical response in High Risk protection missions. 


Who is this course for

Individuals who are looking to work or already working as instructors within the Private Security Industry. This tactical course is aimed at those who are looking for an experience of tactical, technical and spiritual growth. A journey through time, between antiquity and modernity in order to reach the right mindset, and with this the highest levels of knowledge and effectiveness. A unique and unmissable experience that can only be experienced at the GENI-AX Counter Terror Academy.


About Us - Risk Management Specialists

GENI-AX Worldwide is a specialized consultation and services multinational. We provide military and police support services, strategic and tactical stability support, with turn-key mission solutions which ensure the safety and structured readiness of Governmental and Corporate ventures worldwide.






-Armed and unarmed scenarios

-Attacks from several positions

-Multiple attackers

-Force-on-force attack drills 

-Defence against attacks with knives, guns and sticks

-Aggressiveness skills


-Operational Close Combat & Self Defense

-Principles of Brazilian Ju Jitsu




Tactical  Firearms

-Familiarizing the weapons, operational weapons check, safety instructions

-The instinctive operational shooting method

-Aiming and pointing


-One and two hands shooting

-Drawing and loading

-Breaking and shooting while walking/running

-Shooting in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying

-Weapons jam: magazines replacement and handling malfunctions

-Turns at 90, 180, U-shape, V-shape against multiple opponents

-Shooting from behind cover

-Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover

-Shooting on the move between targets 360 degree

-Distinction between enemy and civilians

-Combined surprise combat exercises

-Advanced methods – aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy



Urban Warfare


Single Operator


-Single operator: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)

-Single operator: work on doors, windows and clearing a room


Operating Teams (2 operators working simultaneously)

-Operating Teams: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)


-Operating Teams: work on doors, windows and clearing a room


Operating Teams (4 operators working simultaneously)

-Operating Teams: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)

-Operating Teams: work on doors, windows and clearing a room


Working with a VIP (principles of close protection)

-Being attacked wail getting out of the car in-to a building

-Being attacked with VIP inside a building

-Extracting the VIP from the line of fire.

-From a variety of emergency situations into a building, a car or other covers.

-Techniques for evacuation of the VIP to closer or distant shelter




Japanese Ancient Disciplines



Japanese Warrior Mindset

The strengthening of one's physical, mental and spiritual potential. The seminar will address issues such as:


breathing; the ritual stick, an indispensable tool for meditation and an important self-defense weapon; body posture in static and dynamic meditation; vocalizations and preparation for mantrā; vibrations, intangible energy and vocalizations; The power of imagination, active thinking and sound; kenjutsu and iaidō / iaijutsu (the use of the Japanese sword as a powerful destructive means against physical and intangible enemies); bōjutsu (the use of the stick as a powerful meditative means and weapon); resistance, endurance, psycho-physical strengthening.


The participant will learn essential basics in a short time. Such notions will offer a tangible approach to the benefits of practicing the doctrines taught.


Bujutsu (The art of Japanese warfare)


-Kenjutsu (Japanese sword fighting)

-Iaijutsu (Japanese sword fighting)

-Bojutsu (Japanese long stick fighting)


-Deep Meditation





Certificates - section A

Since we are an SSCS Approved Centre, certificates will be issued by the SSCS Security Skills Certification Scheme



Tactical Firearms Instructor for working within the  Private Security Industry


With these certificates candidates will be able to apply for the SSCS badge, info at www.sscs-scheme.com  



Certificates - section B

We are also a BUSHI TACTICS Affiliated Centre, so candidates will be able to apply for the certificates issued by them (www.bushi-tactics.com):


BUSHI Camp - Tactical Firearms Instructor for working within the Private Security Industry


Operational Self Defence seminar

Japanese Warrior Mindset



Certificates - section C

Issued by GENI-AX Worldwide Network



Level 6 Tactical Firearms Instructor for working within the Private Security Industry


Operational Self Defence 






-to be in good physical and mental condition;

-to have a firearms proficiency certificate;

-since the training is high demanding in terms of physical performance candidate has to be fit.

-clean criminal record certificate;

-better if the candidate has got a Close Protection Certificate

-better if the candidate has got a CP experience

-better if the candidate has got an Israeli Combat Shooting Certificate

Course fee




What is included

training, food (3 meals a day), accommodation, transfer from-to airport, equipment and certificates (upon successful completion of the course), assistance to apply for the SSCS badge.

2 Year SSCS Badge.


What is not included

flight tickets


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