Worldwide Executive Close Protection Operations Course

All levels of risk

3 week intensive training

HECPO Included 

WECPO 21 day Training Course  Europe  10 SEP  30 SEP € 


Worldwide Executive Close Protection Operations Course


All levels of risk



We, at GENI-AX Worldwide Network, are proud to introduce this multi-qualification course.


This is a 21 day Close Protection Course that cover a wide range of knowledge, providing candidates with skills and qualifications required by a highly demanding Industry as close protection sector. Candidates will work as members of a team, practicing in each role to ensure full understanding of every aspect of close protection operations.


The CPO Worldwide is designed to meet needs of those are working in the international executive close protection field at all levels of risk. We provide our trainees with the most advanced practical skills.



The most complete, intensive, effective, realistic and practical Executive Close Protection course on the market place of nowadays.


As you can see listed below, after completion of this 3 week ECP-PSD-HECPO-CQB-INTEL course, students will get all necessary qualifications to work in the Industry, converting ours in the most valuable training programs on the market, making you ready to launch into your career.


21 day intensive training course






10 to 16 September 2022: 

SSCS Level 3 Close Protection Operative


17 to 19 September 2022: 



20 to 25 September 2022: 

HECPO/PSD Advanced Close Protection Operations Level 5


26 to 28 September 2022: 

CQB Close Quarter Battle - Single Operator


29 September 2022: 



30 September 2022: 







1) Close Protection Operative – SSCS Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (

Certificate valid only for applying for the SSCS badge, not for SIA Licence.


2) CQB Close Quarter Battle - Israeli Limited Penetration Method - Single Operator


3) Close Protection Advanced Skills - Level 5 Certificate


4) Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments – Level 4 Certificate 


5) Tactical Firearms Competency for Private Security Sector Certificate

Certificate valid for individuals employed as armed security personnel in both sectors the Close Protection and Maritime Anti-Piracy.


6) Operational Knife Close Combat & Self Defense


7) INTEL Analist 



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Price includes:

training,  transfer from-to airport, equipment and certificates (upon successful completion of the course)


Price not includes:  flight tickets, food, accommodation, firearms.





Close Protection Specialist Module


Session 1: Roles and Responsibilities of the Close Protection Operative

Session 2: Threat and Risk Assessment

Session 3: Surveillance Awareness

Session 4: Operational Planning

Session 5: Law and Legislation

Session 6: Interpersonal Skills

Session 7: Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

Session 8: Conduct Reconnaissance

Session 9: Close Protection Foot Drills

Session 10: Route Selection

Session 11: Close Protection Journey Management

Session 12: Search Procedures

Session 13: Incident Management

Session 14: Venue Security


Conflict Management


Session 1: Avoiding Conflict and Reducing Personal Risk

Session 2: Defusing Conflict

Session 3: Resolving and Learning from Conflict

Session 4a: Application of Communication Skills and Conflict Management for Security Guarding and Close Protection


Foot techniques

Radio-communication and no radio communication

Vehicle operations, procedures, movement and tactics


Operational and Contingency planning

Threat assessment and risk management

Route selection

Convoy driving

Protective, Evasive, Offensive driving


Anti-Ambush Drills


Low Profile Protection


Unarmed Combat

Armed Combat


VIP Protection, single operative

Attacks from several positions

Multiple attackers


Defense against attacks with knives, guns and sticks

Aggressiveness skills

VIP Protection

Multiple scenarios, attackers and weapons


Tactical Response Method

Emergency Situations


Car & Foot formations and movements


Embarking and debarking the VIP

Emergency drills


Tactical Firearms 


Familiarizing the weapons

Operational weapons check

Safety Instructions

The instinctive operational shooting method

Aiming and pointing

One and two hands shooting

Drawing and cocking

Breaking and shooting while walking/running

Shooting in various positions: standing, kneeling, lying

Weapons jam: magazines replacement and handling malfunctions

Turns at 90, 180, U-shape, V-shape against multiple opponents

Shooting from behind cover

Clearing open territory with opening barricades and usage of cover

Shooting on the move between targets 360 degree

Distinction between enemy and civilians

Combined surprise combat exercises

Advanced methods – aggressiveness, decisiveness, speed and accuracy


Urban Warfare


Single operator: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)

Single operator: work on doors, windows and clearing a room

Operating Teams: clearing the entrances (narrow, wide)

Operating Teams: work on doors, windows and clearing a room

Working with a VIP

Being attacked wail getting out of the car in-to a building

Being attacked with VIP inside a building

Extracting the VIP from the line of fire.

From a variety of emergency situations into a building, a car or other covers.

Techniques for evacuation of the VIP to closer or distant shelter


Convoy Training


Driving skills

Shooting from a car

Situations and responses in emergency situation on the convoy.

Evacuation from an attacked car.

Evacuation with a car

Attack on a 2 cars convoy


The Counter-Attack Team (CAT)

IED Awareness


Familiarize the  Anti Terror Fighting concept
Advanced Close Protection
Advanced firearm skills (Pistol & Carbine)
Vehicle Convoy Protection
Embus / Debus, arrivals / departures

Advanced Immediate Counter Actions
Team Walking Formations
Vehicle Convoy Formations (1&2 Vehicles)
Threat Assessment
Route selection
Security Advance & Route Selection
Team & Vehicle Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Team Evacuation Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Close Quarter Combat (Hostile Environments)
Advanced Tactical Combat Shooting (Team movement & Immediate Actions Techniques)


High-risk foot formations
High-risk cars arrivals and departures
Low-light operations (driving with night-vision
VIP Evacuation Immediate Actions (Live Fire)
Close Protection Driving (1,2 & 3 Vehicle Anti-Ambush Techniques)
Counter Terrorism Procedures




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